How to make your business more visible

November 10, 2017 12:07 pm by discove6

Business owners work hard. They put in the hours, sweat and money to come up with fantastic products and services for consumers. However, despite the diligence on the part of business owners to make products people want, many are left struggling or stranded. “If only people knew about my business…” Sounds familiar?

Promising businesses shutdown everyday. Although they appeared to get everything right (or maybe almost). A major cause of business failure can be attributed simply to setting up in the wrong location.

Oftentimes business owners pay hefty sums for “prime” locations only to realize at the cost of valuable time and money that they picked the wrong one.  Citing business along natural traffic is perhaps the oldest trick in the book, but also the most overlooked.

Here is why citing your business at Tejuosho Shopping Centre makes business sense:

  1. Good foot traffic: Traffic and visibility go hand in hand, it increases the probability of being seen by those who should. This either brings in customers immediately or provides you with chances of referral. Statistics have shown that at least 600,000 people transit through Tejuosho Shopping Centre and its environs daily. The larger the traffic, the higher the potential for patronage
  2. Know your customer: what does your customer do? Where do they live work and play? Plotting your customers daily journey helps to know where to position your business. Tejuosho is known as the go-to destination for quality and affordable clothing and household items. Be where your customers need you to be.
  3. Cost cost cost: Save some advertising costs by citing your business along natural traffic, being where you need to be. This saves one the headache of spending more on directing traffic to your outlet when you can be in the center of traffic.
  4. Ease of transportation: Being a major transit area, Tejuosho Shopping Centre is situated close to a rail line, a major BRT hub and motor parks to various states.

For more information, start here at or Call 07083586746 to schedule a visit. You will be amazed at the possibilities that await!


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