Tejuosho: Then and Now

November 10, 2017 12:00 pm by discove6

Located in the heart of Yaba, Tejuosho shopping complex consisted of lock-up shops, popular for being a market for everything to everyone. For young girls, it was the go to place for affordable and trendy outfits, for handy-men, it was the haven of tools needed to get the job done and for vendors, it was the money making center due to the high foot and transport traffic flow.

Overpopulated and with little or no proper facility management in place, the market was razed down by a fire leading to not just destruction of goods running into billions of naira but also lives of workers and traders. The possibility of a more organized and managed facility might have helped to lessen the impact of the fire, however these systems were not in place in the old Tejuosho market.

Tejuosho Shopping Centre was built up years after the fire incident in 2007, putting into consideration the high footfall, planning and provision of world class facility management procedures and equipment like a fire service and police station within the premises. Also, in accordance with growth and expansion of Lagos mega city plans, Tejuosho Shopping Centre exists to provide ultimate shopping experience for both buyers and sellers.

Tejuosho Shopping Center now has 1,692 shops on a majestic expanse of 25,000 sqm space, contributing to the labor force of the state, jobs will be provided for both skilled and unskilled workers. The new market spaces still retain the heritage of old market but with a more contemporary outlook on how business should be done in the mega city that is Lagos.